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Cyberfox скачать бесплатно для windows 7


Cyberfox 45.0

Taking Off Where Mozilla Left Off, Introducing Cyberfox


Cyberfox 45.0


 The job is never done and evolution is the key. The developers at 8pecxstudios have tried an attempt to build the next best Web Browser based on where Mozilla left Firefox, as they call it, and improve it to meet the latest technologies from the ground zero. Preparing the engine from the core or scratch requires a lot of effort and that has been put into, by these guys, to create Cyberfox, supposedly the Firefox for the cyber world the industry has been heading towards. It also creates a lot of speculations as to where the original Firefox is doing well right now amidst tough competition from Chrome and likes. The basic structure starts from the Mozilla Firefox, yet redesigned into a new form from the beginning.


 The architecture no longer sees the computer as a machine, but it sees the CPU of it as closely as possible. This enables it to be optimized as per CPU architectures. 
 - It recently released the fully optimized version for Intel 64 bit CPUs.
It is still compatible with all Firefox add-ons and extensions and does not do away with any of these cool stuff that Firefox has been delivering to its users. 
 - They have removed a lot of stuff to make the Browser truly personal and fastest like telemetry, health records and monitoring, sponsored tiles and many other components that collect personal information on the go.

 Profiling Yourself

 The entire thing is about a new profiling system that allows users to create separate profiles on the browser for granting and revoking access to the internet. Given that, there is also a lot of new stuff that has been added into it and one would only appreciate it if they tried it out.
 - Cyberfox offers two basic versions of the browser, that is, the Australis and the classic look. They are more or less a theme oriented feature.


 The recent version is supported by Windows 7 Service Pack1, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is optimized to leverage the functionalities of 64 bit architecture of the CPUs. You can download your Cyberfox as a zipped file, an installer application, a portable zipped archive or a portable installer file.

 The core values of Cyberfox is to design a safe, fast yet reliable 64 bit web browser based on the most trusted Mozilla Firefox engine. Thus, it leverages some of the goodness of both software and hardware in the design.

Changes on the new version:
Fixed: Passed patch for Bug 1240007 - Update graphite2 library to release 1.3.5
New: Bookmark this page in tab context menu.
New: Localize cyberfox start-up update messages.
New: Part 1: Convert CyberCTR into a system addon.
Fixed: Source information in build configuration on Linux.
Fixed: Ubisoft game launcher overlay showing on cyberfox when launching a link from the game launcher in the browser.
New: Add linux beta branding identity.
Fixed: About cyberfox background image on linux beta.
Fixed: help-button in in-content preferences.

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